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Serving Our Community


We are proud of our area and community and seek to play our part in caring for and developing it


We are part of the community partnership which operates the local Union Grove Community Nursery


››We support the Springfield Community Flat, which is based in Brocket House Union Road, ›at the Community Health Centre, and at Stewarts Road Adventure Playground and Youth Centre, and works with local families, young people and recently arrived communities

››At St John’s Church on Clapham Road we host community activities including groups for new parents, elderly people and local artists

››At Christ Church on Union Grove we are developing a new Learning Centre, which is now open.

Please see link below to access our Policies, Procedures and Guidelines for Safeguarding


From the old we travel to the new……

Restoration work at Christ Church

All Saints’ Sunday brought celebration and thanksgiving for our worshipping and learning community as we gathered with Bishop Richard, to rededicate the church and and ourselves to the mission and outreach of our parish.

For over four years now vision has been to make our Parish church a place offering greater warmth, colour and beauty and we were celebrating the first phase of this, making our Victorian building more accessible and welcoming to all, as well as revealing some of its original heritage features.

As we enter the west end through both porches now, there is a greater sense of space, created by removing a number of pews. We have new heating and lighting, and conservationists have revealed and enhanced some of the original features, especially on the chancel arch, the sedilla and the columns.

As a congregation from many countries, we represent the rich cultural diversity of those living in our parish. We’re looking forward to having our learning centre open to the whole community, with workshops, classes and activities,  stressing the development of the church in the last 160 years and sharing the social history of the area,  especially people’s resettlement experiences, appreciating the new communities which have come in to the parish.  We are interviewing a range of people to hear their fascinating stories.

Now that this building phase is finishing we are able to open our doors more often, inviting in, and reaching out to varieties of groups of different ages – from nursery to school children and up to University of 3rd Age.

Enhancing our church and making it a more welcoming place to be, brings new energy and life to all and everyone here is pleased with the improvements. We are happy to have achieved one of our 2016 goals and are keen now to move forward energetically with other aims of our Mission Action Plan.